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Mechanical Auto Repairs| Le's Japanese Auto Repair - Wichita Falls, TX

Le’s Japanese Auto Repair prides itself on providing customers with only the highest quality and most reliable mechanical auto repairs in Wichita Falls, TX, and the surrounding areas. Every auto repair done by Le’s Japanese Auto Repair’s expert mechanics will keep customers’ vehicles in top shape and safe on the road.

One of the mechanical auto repairs that Le’s Japanese Auto Repair specializes in is transmission repair. Whether it is a manual, automatic or continuous variable transmission, the company’s highly trained technicians can rebuild, service or repair any kind of gearbox to its former glory. Their transmission repair services also include clutch cables and hydraulic repairs, flywheel machining repairs, clutch and pressure plate repair.

Another mechanical auto repair provided at Le’s Japanese Auto Repair is brake service and repair. The company has expert technicians who can perform any kind of brake system repair. This includes power brake booster repair, emergency brake repair, brake and master cylinder bleeding, brake replacement, wheel cylinder and brake caliper repair, ABS repair and diagnosis and much more.

Mechanical auto repairs at Le’s Japanese Auto Repair include engine mechanical service and repair. This focuses on repairing the engine’s exhaust system, engine seals and gaskets, engine oil leaks, cylinder head gaskets and the timing chain and timing belt.

Le’s Japanese Auto Repair also specializes in axle repair. Their axle repair service includes drum and rotor replacement and machining, wheel bearing repacking and replacement, differential repairs, universal joint repair and replacement, drive shaft service, front and rear CV boot and axle repair and replacement. Their mechanics are also proficient in conducting mechanical repairs on a vehicle’s suspension and steering that includes fixing the steering rack and gearbox, ball joints, control arms, sway bars, tie rods, steering gearboxes and racks and all other suspension and steering components.

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