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Air Conditioning Repair | Le's Japanese Auto Repair - Wichita Falls, TX

No single auto repair shop can keep your cool like Le’s Japanese Auto Repair. Their car air conditioning repair service will make sure that customers will enjoy their ride mile after mile. To achieve this, Le’s Japanese Auto Repair only hires the most professional and experienced car air conditioning mechanics. At the same time, they only use state-of the-art technology in order to take care of their customers’ air conditioning problems efficiently and quickly. Whether they only need more refrigerant or Freon or there is a major leak in the air conditioning system, customers know that Le’s Japanese Auto Repair has them covered.

Before an air conditioning repair is performed, Le’s Japanese Auto Repair completes a rigid system evaluation. This is done by highly trained technicians to properly diagnose any problem in a vehicle’s air conditioning. It includes leak tests assessment of components and lines using electronic leak detectors, pressure readings, water pump repairs, heater core repairs, outlet temperature testing, visual inspections, assessments of air conditioning component performance, cooling system pressure tests and a thorough check up of the car’s air conditioning belt and connections.

After performing this mandatory procedure, our highly trained technicians start the repairs. Their air conditioning repair services include radiator repairs, water pump repairs, thermostat repairs, freeze plugs repairs, fixing the fan clutch, cooling system flushes, repairing cooling system hoses and automatic temperature control system repairs.

As part of their air conditioning repair service, they also conduct suction line temperature readings, air vent temperature checks and condenser temperature checks. At the same time, they clean the air conditioning unit’s condenser fins. They can also sanitize and deodorize a car’s air conditioning unit if a customer requests it.

Le’s Japanese Auto Repair car cooling repair services also include system evaluation and recharge. This focuses on ensuring proper refrigerant recovery. This will make sure that a customer’s air conditioning unit is returned to its original performance. It includes recharge and evacuation of the refrigerant and an evaluation of an air conditioning performance while the car is running.

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